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Whether it be a quick bet on a single game or a multi across a few matches, sports betting is a fun and exciting way to take your love of sports to the next level.


What Sports Can I Bet On?

You can bet on almost any sport that's popular, both in Australia and across the world.

Types Of Wagers

When it comes to sports betting, the types of wagers available will depend upon what sport you want to place a bet on. However, you'll notice that similar sports will provide similar betting options. To give you an idea about what's available, here is a brief listing of popular sports bets:

Win - Also called 'head-to-head', it is a bet on the team (or player) to win the game.

Over/Under - Betting whether a score (usually the total score from both teams) will be over or under a certain value.

Margins - Betting on how much one team will win by. Margin bets may be either exact (e.g., West Tigers win by 12 points) or given in a range (e.g. Sydney Kings win by 4-8 points).

First Scorer - Betting on which player will score first in the game.

Top Scorer - Betting on which player will score the most points in the game.

Live Betting - Live betting gives you the chance to bet while the game is in progress. This opens up a wide new range of betting options.