At the Moe RSL we have four membership types:

Service MembershipThis membership is available for people who have been in one of the three services of Australia & Allied countries for a minimum of six months service.                                                                          

This membership is recognised Australia wide and is transferable to any other RSL in Australia if the member moves their residence. Service members are entitled to use all facilities at the Moe RSL & invited to attend all commemorative services including ANZAC Day & Remembrance Day activities. Annual membership fee is $25 per person.



Affiliate MembershipThis membership is for people over the age of 18 who have a family member who is entitled to be a Service Member of the RSL; they receive the same benefits as Service members. Annual membership fee is $25 per person.

Social Membership: Social Membership is for anyone over 18 who wishes to be a member of the RSL & use all facilities but is not entitled to become a Service or Affiliate Member. Annual membership fee is $25 per person.

*Please note Service & ex-Service personnel can only join as Service Members.


Community Membership: This membership type is for those over the age of 18 who wish to only use the Gaming facilities & Banjo’s On Albert Restaurant.  Fees for Community Membership are $5 per year.


Banjo's Brigade Kids Membership:  Now the kids can be apart of the Moe RSL too! Kids up to 12 years of age can join FREE and receive a Welcome Bag, free drink voucher PLUS a free kids meal in time for their birthday. Let your kids learn about the traditions and history of their local RSL when they join the Banjo's Brigade. School holiday rewards program schedule for April now available on the App!