Friday Night Raffles 


Everyone is welcome to join us in the Members Lounge every Friday Night for their chance to win cash prizes, vouchers, enjoy drinks at Happy Hour prices and select from both our Main and Bar menus for dinner. (Check out the full menu below)

Raffle tickets are on sale from 5pm in the Members Lounge. $5 buys you a strip of tickets giving you 5 numbers and 5 chances to win! Draws start at 6.30pm and are scheduled every 15 minutes, concluding at 8pm. Your raffle tickets also give you the opportunity to win one of 3 Lucky Envelope prizes from the cabinet every week, up the the value of $500. The big draw is Members Money where any Service, Affiliate or Social member who is present for the draw has the chance to win up to $1000! 

DRAW 1: $30 Coles/Myer voucher, $30 Meat Voucher, Beer Card , $30 Moe RSL venue Voucher, 6 pack of beer, Lucky Envelope

DRAW 2: $30 Woolworths voucher, $30 Meat Voucher, Beer card, $30 Moe RSL Venue Voucher, 6 Pack of Beer

DRAW 3: $30 Coles/Myer Voucher, $30 Meat Voucher, Beer Card, $30 Moe RSL Venue Voucher, 6 Pack of Beer, Lucky Envelope

DRAW 4: $30 Woolworths Voucher, $50 Moe RSL Venue Voucher, Beer Card, $30 Moe RSL Venue Voucher, 6 Pack of Beer

DRAW 5: $50 Moe RSL Venue Voucher, $50 Coles/Myer Voucher, Beer Card, $50 Meat Voucher, $50 Moe RSL Venue Voucher, Lucky Envelope

End of the Month Barrel Draw: Every week at the end of Raffles, place your raffle tickets into the Barrel with your name on the back & we will draw out two names who each win a $100 MOE RSL Venue Voucher on the last Friday of the month. (You must be here to win)

Second Friday of each month: an additional prize $300 CASH which can be won by anyone who has purchased a ticket that night.

Prizes must be collected on the night. Terms and Conditions can be viewed here --->